INTERVIEW: Dr. Leslyn Lewis in Calgary attracts socially conservative crowd

Conservative Party leadership contestant Dr. Leslyn Lewis talked about her support for the truckers in Ottawa, the mainstream media and Alberta oil.

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On the second ballot of 2020 Conservative Party Leadership race, Dr. Leslyn Lewis received more votes than both Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay. Given the preferential ballot system, she did not win the leadership, a fact which many bemoan to this day, but her past success goes to show that she is a serious contender in this race. 

Broadly considered to be a more socially conservative choice than many of the other leadership candidates, Dr. Lewis has a dedicated supporter base among those who are passionate about social issues, including many pro-lifers. Many at the event shared that they were torn between supporting Pierre Poilievre and Dr. Leslyn Lewis, with Lewis’ willingness to engage on socially conservative factors being a key element of their considerations. 

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Dr. Lewis garnered significant applause from those in attendance for her refreshingly uncompromising opinions, including her support for the truckers in Ottawa, her condemnation of dishonest mainstream media and her adamant insistence that building pipelines and sharing Alberta oil is in the best interest of not only the economy, but the environment. 

We captured Dr. Lewis’ speech and some of her extensive Q&A session with those in attendance, and we also had the opportunity for an exclusive interview where we asked about the carbon tax, the trampling of freedoms during COVID-19, defunding the CBC, clean drinking water for indigenous communities and Alberta’s place in Canada. 

You can learn more about Leslyn Lewis on her campaign website at

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