EXCLUSIVE: Pierre Poilievre replies to whether he can be trusted to advance freedom

In my books, he's been saying all of the right things. But unlike Erin O'Toole — can he be trusted to make good on his word?

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The Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race is well underway, with candidates lining up to run for the party's top spot to replace former leader Erin O'Toole.

The very first person to announce his bid for the federal Conservative leadership was MP for Carleton Pierre Poilievre, who has since been campaigning across the country to spread his message of limited government and increased personal freedom.

On Monday morning Poilievre held a campaign event at a local restaurant in Kitchener, Ontario, where supporters came out to meet Poilievre and hear his message. The main event was to be held inside the restaurant, but so many people showed up that the venue wouldn't take them all.

Poilievre decided to host a secondary rally in the parking lot outside the restaurant for those who didn't make the cut to get in, before heading into the restaurant himself to speak to the supporters who managed to secure a spot inside.

My goal that day was to ask Poilievre whether he could be trusted to actually follow through on what he says.

Because I'll admit — I'm a fan. I really like what Poilievre has been saying. I love his message about smaller government, increasing economic freedom, removing government gatekeepers, giving people control of their own lives, making Canada "the freest country on earth" — all of these primary talking points and taglines of his.

Not to mention his many iconic smackdowns of smug Liberal ministers — including Justin Trudeau himself — during parliamentary debates, or all of the campaign promises that he's been making recently: to defund the CBC, to ban all foreign oil imports from "dirty dictators", to make Canada the "Blockchain capital of the world", etc — not to mention his recent denouncing of the World Economic Forum and its stated goals.

In my books, he's been saying all of the right things. But unlike Erin O'Toole — can he be trusted to make good on his word?

Watch the video for Poilievre's response to my question. (See here for an archived September 1999 news article on the essay that he mentions).

What do you think? Is Pierre Poilievre the champion of freedom and man of the people that he promises to be?

You can learn more about Pierre Poilievre's leadership campaign at www.Pierre4PM.ca.

We at Rebel News intend to follow this race closely, and hold all candidates to account on the issues that truly matter. To see all of our coverage of the federal Conservative leadership race, be sure to go to LeadershipReports.ca — and if you appreciate our independent journalism, please consider making a donation.

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