Drag queen storytime protest gets heated in Vancouver

Controversial “Satanix” drag queen story time for kids as young as three at Kits House draws outrage from protesters concerned that traditionally safe activities for children are becoming sexualized.

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Tensions ran high outside of Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, known as Kits House, in Vancouver last Friday while a drag queen storytime performance for children aged 3-10 was in full session.

The performance featured two drag queens: One who goes by the name 'Satanix' and dresses up as an evil-looking clown for fun and another who goes by 'Tara Beladi' and whose social media posts are often sexually explicit in nature.

A group of approximately 60 citizens, concerned about the sexualization of children, gathered to protest the event while about 10 gathered in counter-protest.

Contrary to State-backed media reports that labelled the protesters opposing the event as “anti-LGBTQ+” without talking to both sides of the demonstration, like Rebel News did, some who gathered to condemn the performance said they were members of the LGBTQ+ community themselves.

Rebel News could not find a single protester who stated they had any hate or opposition towards a sexual identity or sexual preference but we did speak to many who openly oppose pedophilia, child grooming and said they were advocates for community environments to uphold standards to maintain children’s protection and innocence.

Watch the video to see exactly what took place during the protest, including the shocking moment when a women who claimed to be a psychologist, told Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey and child protection activist Billboard Chris that she would find nothing wrong with adult males reading stories to children in the nude.

Rebel News made multiple attempts to reach out to Kits House for a comment about the event. We wanted to better understand their screening process for people who perform for children in their facility and get their thoughts about what the drag queens that they introduced to children in a teaching atmosphere frequently post on their public social media accounts. We have not received a statement at this time.

If you appreciate that, unlike the State-backed mainstream media, Rebel News had boots on the ground to bring you coverage from both sides of the story at the controversial event, please consider supporting our independent journalism by doing some Christmas shopping at RebelNewsStore.com

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  • By Ezra Levant

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