Economic devastation, millions dead — does Trudeau still admire China?

With massive economic devastation and millions dead across the world, does Prime Minister Trudeau still admire China's basic dictatorship?

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been increasingly aggressive in his demands that all Canadians take a COVID vaccine. Perhaps the most forceful of Trudeau's recent statements is his desire to restrict the unvaccinated from travelling by plane or train between the country's provinces — a stern warning, given the sheer size of Canada.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts David Menzies and Andrew Chapados wondered what was driving these sorts of divisive comments from the prime minister during his efforts to win reelection.

Referring to an infamous statement made by Trudeau in the past, David wondered:

The one question that nobody in the mainstream media will ask him, and this is one question that I would ask him if I ever got a chance, is that now that we've seen what's happened to the world — the trillions of dollars of economic damage, the millions of deaths, thanks to the Wuhan Virus — do you still have that admiration for the basic dictatorship of China?

Do you, prime minister, given all the carnage around the world? Absolutely appalling.

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