EXCLUSIVE: Councillor Stephen Jolly gets OWNED by Avi Yemini on the facts

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This week, City of Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly moved a disgraceful, one-sided motion against Israel, vilifying the Jewish state as genocidal while ignoring any of the violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists.

His urgent motion read:

"Council notes the escalation of violence and genocidal tactics currently being perpetrated against Palestinians in Gaza and occupied East Jerusalem by Israel.

We express solidarity with Yarra-based Palestinians, whose community are facing displacement by bombings as part of an ethnic cleansing in the West Bank. We note the overwhelming one-sided nature of the violence against Palestinians, including military action, missile attacks and street lynchings. As stated by now internationally renowned Trevor Noah, Palestine's response is restricted to being "like bringing a knife to a gun fight... When (Israel) has this much power, what is its responsibility?

Yarra is a municipality where minorities are in the majority. We treasure our residents from the Middle East. In their time of difficulty, we offer solidarity".

So, I called the councillor on the day of the vote and then again the following day. Whilst he started aggressively, I'd say we had a robust discussion both before and after the vote.

What you watch above makes it clear that councillor Jolly uses his position to push his personal bias about the conflict even though he's got no idea.

The sad part is that he's doing this at the expense of residents of the City of Yarra.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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