EXCLUSIVE: Drag Queen Story Time Turns Violent | Dragged Pt 2

The counter-protest supporting an all-ages drag queen story time in Coquitlam, British Columbia spirals out of control as police watch on. Meanwhile, Rebel News reporters Drea Humphrey and Matt Brevner were right in the midst of the chaos. See it all in part two of 'Dragged: Love is Louder'.

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Viewers can also watch the premiere on YouTube. Upon its conclusion, viewers can stick around and join us for a post-premiere livestream with Drea Humphrey and Sheila Gunn Reid.  

In part one of this three part ‘Dragged’ feature report series, we showed you the raw chaos that occurred after Chris Bolton, who performs drag under the name Conni Smudge, organized a counter-protest against demonstrators opposed to his drag queen story hour performance for kids.

In today's report, I take you back to British Columbia’s Coquitlam Public Library, the scene where the “Bubble of Love” counter-protest burst into violent anarchy in the name of “love” this past Saturday.

Watch the full, in-depth report to see interviews with citizens both for and against drag queen performances for kids. You’ll also hear the reaction from story time protesters Cory Jenkins and Pierre Barns, who did their best to keep the peace that day — unlike the Coquitlam RCMP.

Despite the violent counter-protest, which included story-time allies assaulting myself and BC producer Matt Brevner, Smudge has been praised as some sort of social justice hero by elected officials and state-preferred media allies. Yet, as you’ll see in this report, story-time protesters and being painted as hateful bigots include members of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you appreciate that Rebel News had our boots on the ground to bring you this eye-opening feature report series, Dragged, you can make a donation to help keep our journalists safe so we can continue to bringing you these kinds of stories at JournalistDefenceFund.com.

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