EXCLUSIVE: Melbourne gym LEGALLY NOW OPEN despite Covid restrictions

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A gym in Melbourne's eastern suburbs has found a way to open its doors legally with the blessing of Victoria's health department.

Stronghouse Gym owner, Bradley Dighton, says he's taking advantage of a new special condition allowing "high-performance persons" to train in a gym.

Mr Dighton recorded his call with the Department of Health in which the official explained the exemption applies to anyone that "if they didn't train, it would be detrimental to their performance".

The Ringwood gym owner invites anyone who plays any professional, semi-professional or takes their training very seriously to train free of charge until their gym reopens.

"There's only one condition, you must be in the 25km radius of the Stronghouse Gym", Bradley Dighton told me.

He hopes other gyms follow suit for the sake of their members.

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Are you a small business now banned from trading in Victoria, Australia, but plan to reopen your store anyway? Let us know, and we’ll report your breaking story.

  • By Avi Yemini

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