Exclusive: Tackling Crime, Addiction Recovery and Firearms, UCP Ministers speak out

Rebel News was very fortunate to be joined by several key government officials responsible for these sectors for exclusive interviews.

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Over 3,600 delegates were in attendance at Calgary’s newly-completed BMO Centre to have their voices heard and votes counted on a litany of proposals that will shape the United Conservative Party’s policies moving forward. With the UCP currently forming government, many of the votes cast throughout this annual general meeting will have a direct impact on how the province is run moving forward as policy shifts can signal change in governance and in legislation.

This event set a record for the largest political gathering in Alberta’s history, with many in attendance eagerly watching the direction that party would take on issues like tackling crime, addiction recovery and firearms rights.

The Honourable Mickey Amery, Minister of Justice and Deputy House Leader, joined us to discuss the government’s unreserved resolution to defend legal firearms owners' rights from overreaching Ottawa gun grabs and to tackle the real causes of firearms violence, smuggling and gang activity.

He also talked about getting tough and crime and putting an end to the catch and release practices that see repeat offenders walking the streets instead of being kept in custody.

The Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services, the Honourable Mike Ellis, also granted us an exclusive interview in which he detailed Alberta’s renewed roll of leadership nationally and internationally.

Ellis affirmed this government's commitment to address escalating violent crime in Alberta both rurally and in Calgary and Edmonton’s downtown cores. He also spoke about the addiction recovery model being deployed across the province as a compassionate and effective alternative to the drug crisis response of so-called “harm-reduction” that has faltered and ultimately resulted in more drugs on the streets and continued addiction in cities the world over.

Finally, echoing Minister Ellis’ strong support for the Alberta model to addiction recovery, the Honourable Dan Williams, Deputy Government House Leader and Minister of Mental Health and Addiction shared his impassioned support for his government’s refusal to supply dangerous drugs to people struggling with addiction and his condemnation of handing out hard drugs to addicts as unCanadian.

He also discussed Bill 3, a piece of legislation which enables Alberta to join in on legal action against major pharmaceutical companies who have benefited from their involvement in creating the opioid crisis that is plaguing so many Canadians.

The messaging was clear from everyone we spoke with: law-abiding citizens should feel safe and their rights, including firearm rights, should be protected, and addicts should not be enabled in their addictions, but instead treated and directed towards recovery.

Stay tuned for our coverage of issues like Alberta’s natural resources, the carbon-tax pushback, parental rights and more in the coming days at RebelNews.com.

For more stories and to take action and sign our petition about firearms rights go to HandsOffOurGuns.ca, and to learn more about efforts to restore law and order in urban centres go to FixOurCities.com.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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