Exposing myths about green tech with documentary filmmaker Marijn Poels

Independent filmmaker Marijn Poels joins The Gunn Show to discuss his new project, Headwind"21, that exposes the myths surrounding a new wind farm project in Sweden.

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As the endless bombardment of government messaging surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic begins (slowly) wane, the same talking points being used to justify large, top-down control for COVID are being transplanted to environmental discussions.

But, much like COVID-19, things aren't exactly as they appear on the surface when it comes to this so-called green technology.

Independent documentary filmmaker Marijn Poels joined last week's episode of The Gunn Show to discuss his newest project, Headwind"21, which explores the experience of a former London-based banker, Alexander Pohl, who looked to escape from his job at the supposed “greenest” bank and live his dream of getting back to nature, starting a small, eco-friendly farm in northern Sweden. Instead, what Pohl found was a wind park had been planned in his paradise.    

Speaking about how issues in the developing world often stem from the control of oil, Marijn outlined how the development of green technology is fuelling more human rights concerns:

Now, on top of [oil-based conflicts], we create new kinds of conflicts — the mineral conflicts.

You know, we've got the cobalt — 70 per cent of the world's supply of cobalt you can find in the Democratic Republic of the Kongo. And that's that African country where there is bloody conflict for generations. So, we are continuing to do that.

When you talk about the minerals, the rare earth minerals, over 70 per cent coming from China with a lot of damage to the environment, social impact, it's poisoning the regions of refinement of the minerals.

So, we're creating double trouble by embracing the whole new renewable energy project, which is absolutely not benefitting climate whatsoever. It's only, you know, creating more energy and more conflicts.

To see all of Marijn Poel's documentaries and support his work, you can visit his website by clicking here.

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