EZRA REACTS: Hecklers chant “Lock Shandro up!” at Alberta Health Minister

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Hecklers recently shouted “Lock Shandro up!” at Alberta's health minister, Tyler Shandro, at the conclusion of a Canada Day parade in Calgary. The heckling drew condemnation from the media, who pointed to the fact that at the time, Shandro was with his wife and two sons.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant reacted to whether or not these hecklers were justified in taking this action.

In Ezra's view, the heckling is fine, but leave the children out of the equation:

My view is, don't bug children, don't drag children into things, don't scare someone's children. If a politician is with his children, don't engage. I acknowledge that there's a blurry line when you're a public person at a public event and you bring your kids along, does that mean you're immune from heckling?

I think it's a dumb thing to say [Tyler Shandro is] a war criminal, because he's not involved in a war. What he's doing against Albertans may be unlawful, unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, illegal — but it's not a war. 

But putting aside that verbal thing, “lock him up” [saying] that he belongs in jail. Well, he locked up other people for breaking the health laws, so maybe he does belong in jail. I'm not against the heckle “lock him up/you belong in jail,” I'm not against heckles that are technically inaccurate like [saying] he's a war criminal — I just think that sounds goofy — but it's shouldn't be against the law to heckle a politician who is being so abusive and such a cheater himself.

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  • By Adam Soos

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