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EZRA REACTS: U.K. mum argues with nurse over infant COVID testing

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A video from inside a hospital in the United Kingdom has been making the rounds on social media involving a dispute between an expectant mother and a nurse at a hospital.

The debate in the video centres around whether the mother can deny the hospital from performing a COVID test on the child after it's born.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant shared his thoughts on the discussion taking place in the video.

Comparing the video to another incident from the U.K., that of Aflie Evans, Ezra said:

They basically sentenced the child to die [in the Alfie Evans case]. Perhaps the Italian medical therapy was too experimental, but as we can see the whole world is now being subjected to the great experiment of an unapproved vaccine.

There's something deeply wrong about a state-run medical system that treats you as the property of the state, as opposed to NHS, I think that stands for National Health Service — they're not your servants, are they?

They're your master.

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