Fake News BUSTED lying about Avi Yemini

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On January 12, The Sydney Morning Herald published an article across their national newspapers and websites claiming:

  1. I sought to enlist the support of a career criminal
  2. Our constitutional challenge had raised $500,000
  3. That threats from their violent criminal source were just comedy
  4. The courts had thrown "the matter" out

Harriet Alexander, who authored the story, never contacted me to fact-check or comment before publishing the fake news.

Within an hour of this utterly false story being published nationally, I'd emailed its writer demanding an immediate correction.

I didn't bother bringing up the fact she couldn't even get the spelling of my name right or her dig, titling me an activist––not a journalist.

But instead of correcting it immediately, the publication waited four days to fully update their fake news story. 

The Sydney Morning Herald waited for all the traffic to pass through the article before correcting it. They're banking on no one noticing what they did; so it's now up to you to share it far and wide.

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