Farmer Rebellion: Examining the urban vs. rural divide

Lewis Brackpool breaks down the divisions in the Netherlands that had led to farmers protesting Prime Minister Mark Rutte's radical climate policies.

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For a brief period of time, Rebel News is back in the Netherlands to scope out the current tensions and investigate what will happen next.

As you are likely aware, protests have sparked across the Netherlands in opposition to radical climate policies. In fact, these protests have been ongoing since 2019, when the Dutch government declared a nitrogen emission crisis.

This declaration meant farmers would have to cut livestock by up to 50%, it would implement emissions caps meaning farmers would have to reduce fertilizer usage, and fuels the continued worry among farmers who fear they will have to give up their land to the state.

Fast-forward to now, 2022, and the situation has escalated. The protests have grown substantially, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte's government is not backing down on the push towards his Agenda 2030 goal. The farmers, meanwhile, are continuing to rally in a show of discontent for the Dutch government and their World Economic Forum-inspired plans. 

In this report, I bring you up to speed with my time in the Netherlands with Lincoln Jay last month and fill in the gaps on what has happened since we both returned home to our countries.

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