Feds quietly removed lingering mask mandates

The Government of Canada is finally following the mask science and quietly ending remaining mask mandates that are still plaguing Service Canada locations.

Feds quietly removed lingering mask mandates
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The indiscriminate enforcement of lingering Canadian taxpayer mask requirements have quietly ended at Service Canada locations.

The topic was brought up by MP Rosemarie Falk in a House of Commons’ (HoC) human resources committee, as reported by Blacklock’s.

Falk said that her office had received a complaint by a medically mask exempt constituent who was turned away and refused service at a Service Canada location in her riding of Battlefords-Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

“Why is a mask mandate appropriate for Service Canada but not necessary in other federal government settings?” Falk asked.

The exchange had Social Development Minister Karina Gould admit that the mandate was suspended effective last Friday – presumably February 10 – and was noted to be “a recent policy change.”

Advice for mask use in community settings was last updated by the Government of Canada on January 30, stating that masks are a personal choice while reminding Canadians to “be kind, understanding and respectful of people's personal choices.”

The update came the same day as a Cochrane Review published a rigorous analysis of all the credible scientific literature on community masking.

“Interestingly, 12 trials in the review, ten in the community and two among healthcare workers, found that wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to influenza-like or COVID-19-like illness transmission,” writes lead author Tom Jefferson.

It’s the second review of community masking since 2020.

The first analysis saw a delay of several months due to unexplained editorial decisions. By the time it was published, COVID policies had already been indiscriminately enforced on a national level, according to the Spectator.

In August 2022, I was denied entry into a Service Canada location while attempting a passport renewal despite the location being housed in a mall without a mask mandate.

Despite all mask mandates stipulating that exemptions exist, policy enforced mandates indiscriminately while refusing to uphold exemptions.

Disabled, mask exempt children were discriminated against during mask mandate hysteria.

Hospitals prevented access to mask-exempt individuals.

Pregnant women were force masked during labour, as per hospital policy.

Mask-exempt elderly patrons were treated like Typhoid Mary and denied service.

Despite it being well known that masks don’t prevent or protect against COVID-19, people were endlessly discriminated against and prevented access all across the country due to these mandates.

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