Rebel News to provide free lawyers to the first 1,000 Canadians receiving lockdown fines

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Across the country arrogant politicians and unelected public health officials have declared war on ordinary Canadians just for living our lives.

Millions of us now live under a form of house arrest. Thousands of small businesses are being crushed. But the lock-down doesn't apply to everyone.

Politicians have granted exemptions to their friends, including powerful companies like Wal-mart and Costco. Amazon is having its best year ever.

And just today we learned that 1,300 professional athletes have been exempted from quarantines flying to and from the U.S. The ruling class doesn’t have to follow their own rules.

I've had it with this elitist war on the “little people”.

So I am hiring a team of lawyers to defend every single Canadian who gets a lockdown ticket (or at least the first 1,000).

For not wearing a mask. For having a friend over. For letting kids play with each other. For hugging your grandmother. For opening your restaurant and trying to earn a living. For having a Christmas Dinner. For living your life.

If you get a ticket for any of that, come to me. Starting right now. Normally the words “free lawyer” don’t go together. But that’s what we’re doing.

If you get one of these outrageous, unconstitutional lockdown tickets, don’t pay it. Don't plead guilty. Don't do it.

We're not going to PAY your fine. We will FIGHT your fine. What have you got to lose?

Watch this video where I explain our plan, and show you how to get a free lawyer to fight your ticket.

We reserve the right to not take every case. But it is my plan to literally fight 1,000 tickets across Canada.

I know that sounds incredible, but we’ve been practicing on a smaller scale for seven months now. We’ve worked out a system. We’ve set up a project management system to keep track of all the cases. We’ve built an assembly line of lawyers. We’re ready. And this insane, bullying, unscientific second lockdown wave means we’ve got to launch our new program, right now.

Click here or go top to check it out. If you need our legal help, fill out the form. And if you don't need help for yourself, but you want to help other people, please consider helping us crowdfund the cost of our lawyers.

We started this project back in April. Our first case was a Christian pastor named Artur Pawlowski who was fined $1,200 for literally feeding the homeless. What kind of cop would even do that? They said feeding the homeless on the street was an “illegal gathering”.

So we hired a lawyer for that pastor and we fought the ticket — and the crown prosecutors dropped the case without even a trial. They knew it was legal junk, it was just a purely political fine, just trying to scare the pastor into obedience. But they never counted on this pastor being able to hire a serious lawyer willing to fight it all the way.

At, you can see many of the cases we've taken so far.

So it's time to get serious. 1,000 cases. I want to fight every ticket in Canada. For free.

If you received a fine, fill out our simple form. We’ll review your case, and we’ll give you a lawyer.

If you don't have a fine yourself but want to help, please click on the crowdfunding button. We need to raise $200,000.

And finally — if you are a lawyer or a paralegal or a law student yourself, we will need your help too — to handle 1,000 cases, to demand disclosure from the police, to push back against the prosecutors. And if these things aren’t all thrown out en masse, to run a trial some time next year.

This is it. This is the fight back. Because I don’t see the official opposition doing it anywhere — they’re not opposing any of this. I don’t see the Media Party pushing back either — they’re the lockdown cheerleaders. And I don’t even see the traditional civil liberties groups like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association pushing back. They actually love the lockdown.

Let’s keep Canada free. We don’t need to live under martial law. You don't quarantine the healthy. You don’t punish people for having Christmas dinner with family. You don’t ruin thousands of small businesses.

Please visit — and help us fight back for Canadians.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Ezra Levant

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If we’re going to fight 1,000 tickets, we’re going to need some help. If you’re a lawyer, a paralegal or even a law student and want to help us handle these civil liberties cases, please tell us your details — thanks!

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