Fight the Fines victory! But Pat McHenry “regrets” paying $85 of $1,255 fine

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You may recall the curious case of Pat McHenry of Sarnia, Ontario, one of the first Fight the Fines cases that we took on more than a year ago.

McHenry is a retired carpenter who was initially given an $880 ticket for allegedly breaking quarantine when he brought his dog, Molly, out into his apartment building parking lot so that the pooch could have a bathroom break. McHenry even took the stairs instead of the elevator, in order to avoid contact with other tenants.

Alas, a Covid-Karen took exception to this little excursion into the parking lot and called the cops. And the constables were not interested in employing officer’s discretion here, as these cops looked upon McHenry as a modern day version of Typhoid Mary.

It gets worse: when McHenry went public with his story, the Sarnia Police paid another visit to his apartment to deliver what appeared to be some good news. Which is to say, they withdrew his $880 ticket. But the good news was short-lived, because McHenry was then immediately presented with a brand new ticket — this one for $1,255, for allegedly violating the Quarantine Act! The Sarnia cops were apparently perturbed that McHenry embarrassed them in our initial Rebel News report. How petty, how vindictive, how pathetic can you get?

Prior to his trial, the Crown offered to reduce his $1,255 ticket to $500. McHenry declined. Later on, the Crown offered him over a 90 per cent discount, reducing the ticket to just $85. McHenry agreed to this deal just to “make the whole thing go away,” although in hindsight he regrets paying a cent, given that he now believes he would’ve beat the ticket.

Check out my interview with McHenry, who has much to say about an incident in his life that is nothing short of surreal...

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