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פרייע אדוואקאטן פאר קאנאדער צו קעמפן קעגן זייערע לאקדאון טיקעטס

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I can’t help but notice that across Canada, lockdown police are picking on churches.

Walmarts and Costcos are open, liquor stores and marijuana stores are open, but the police are bullying churches with massive fines. They’ve even arrested a pastor in Edmonton, and thrown him in prison for two months just for opening his church in defiance of the lockdown.

But it’s not just churches. Montreal’s community of religious Jews has been picked on, too. Even before the pandemic, police seemed to take a special delight in targeting them. That has escalated during the lockdown — and remember, Quebec actually has a curfew from 8 p.m. till 5 a.m. That’s a problem for religious Jews who need to go to synagogue at night.

As you know, we’ve hired civil liberties lawyers to defend any Canadian of any background who gets into trouble from lockdown police. Today I’m pleased to release a Yiddish-language video, specifically written for Montreal’s religious Jewish community, letting them know that they can get a free lawyer at our website,

Check out the video — I actually recorded it in Yiddish, which I learned in school nearly 40 years ago!

If you are a member of that religious community, or know someone who is, please pass on this video to them. And if you can help chip in to cover the costs of our legal fees, please do. If Canadians have the right to go to Walmart, we certainly have the right to go to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple.


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  • By Mocha Bezirgan

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