Fighting wildfires without fearmongering over 'climate change': Robbie Picard

Robbie Picard joins The Gunn Show to talk about how Fort McMurray can better prepare for threats from fires, and how climate hysterics have nothing to do with it.

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Fires have been threatening Fort McMurray, Alberta, again, with around 6,600 residents being forced out of their homes. While officials say the fires are now under control, the area is all too familiar with the threat these situations can pose, having been devastated in 2016.

On last week's episode of The Gunn Show, Oil Sands Strong's Robbie Picard joined Sheila Gunn Reid to talk about this year's fire compared to the past, and what can be done to better protect from these issues.

The nature of Canada's huge boreal forest, Robbie says, means fires are going to happen. But instead of focusing on the hysterics surrounding climate change, he says there's other more practical things that can be done:

I'm not overly worked up about it, I feel our mayor — and I'm not just saying this because he's my friend — I really believe he's a kick-ass mayor and I think they have an understanding, that I do believe they've learned from the past.

But after this is over, I do think we need to really look at building a proper fire break around like lots of cities have. As I travel around the country, I'm noticing a lot of cities that have been around longer than Fort McMurray, and they have better infrastructure than we do. We have a lot of stuff, but we really need to think about how to make a community that's (less) susceptible to this.

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