Ford gov't rents out COVID hotel, houses apartment fire victims there

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While seemingly limitless security personnel and police monitor the grounds of COVID hotels in Toronto, Ont., it's a more ominous scene at nearby Oshawa’s designated government-run quarantine facility. Attached to two other businesses, a restaurant/bar and comedy club, the Holiday Inn Express acts as a quarantine facility in the city without any signage or indications of its current primary use.

“Well… there was all that news coverage about it,” an employee told Rebel News when asked about the lack of signs or posters. A second employee, when asked if the hotel was still open to the public, claimed she was “not allowed to answer any questions.”

Another worker claimed that while entire floors have been booked for COVID isolation, other floors had been reserved for tenants left homeless by a large fire in an apartment building. She stated, “the government has rented out the entire hotel.”

This story was corroborated by three individuals who stated they were victims of a local fire, but were being given the same treatment as those in quarantine.

According to these fire victims, there had been no contact from local or federal officials since they took up residence at the hotel, and they have received food similar to those who are in forced quarantine. “It's food,” one witness said sarcastically, after revealing they had not been asked about dietary restrictions or allergies.

Much of downtown Oshawa remains closed or out of business, save for some food outlets. The quarantine hotel and its attached businesses, as well as multiple marijuana dispensaries, appear to be the only thriving businesses in Oshawa's downtown, Simcoe Street. With one dispensary even hosting a grand opening with prizes, most businesses are suffering greatly, whilst the government rents out an entire hotel.

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