Foreign election interference in Canada? Former MP Kenny Chiu on election security

Former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu is outspoken about securing Canadian election integrity.

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The next federal election will occur no later than October 2025, but will it’s results be valid?

In this report, I sat down for an interview with Kenny Chiu, the former Conservative MP of the Steveston—Richmond East riding in British Columbia. Chiu believes part of why he lost his seat in the 2021 federal election was due to a targeted misinformation campaign against him, something he thinks was likely fuelled by foreign influences in China.

Chiu isn’t just some sore loser making excuses for his election defeat. Recently, after being briefed by intelligence agencies, the federal Conservative Party identified 13 ridings they believe were targeted by foreign influences in the September 2021 election.

In April 2021, Chui proposed private members Bill C-282, An Act to establish the Foreign Influence Registry. Chui believes if passed, the legislation, intended to oblige “individuals acting on behalf of a foreign principal to file a return when they undertake specific actions with respect to public office holders,” would help create transparency for media to properly hold the government to account regarding potential foreign interference from foreign powers like China, Russia and Iran.

The same type of interference risk that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) warned in a recent report is on the “rise in its frequency and sophistication.”

Although Chui’s bill was not specific to any one country, a plethora of messages filled with misinformation accusing the Hong Kong-born Canadian politician of being anti-Chinese circulated on the popular Chinese-language messaging and social media app WeChat.

Watch above and hear what Chiu had to say about why he thinks his bill is what launched the foreign-funded misinformation campaign against him.

In another up-coming report, I will inform you about another concern surrounding potential risks to our federal elections — non-Canadian citizens are sometimes voting in them. One example that you'll hear about is shown in this video involves a man named Robert Patyk, who, despite not being a Canadian citizen, received a voting card addressed to him during the last election.

Unfortunately, when I reached out to the Commissioner of Canada Elections Office to try and gauge how prevalent of a problem that is, I was told their office, does not provide details related to its work.

You can help me cover the costs of continuing to investigate this potential risk before I bring you the full report by donating at Donations made there will help me file for more information and support any other ongoing investigative reports our independent journalists at Rebel News are working hard to bring to you.

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