Foreign interference: Should the names of the MPs be released?

On June 3rd, a shocking report revealed that certain unnamed parliamentarians may have undermined Canadian democracy to benefit a foreign state. When asked if the names should be publicly released, the response was unequivocal: people want to know.

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A Federal committee reported that several members of parliament allegedly engaged in inappropriate communications with and even accepted money from agents acting on behalf of foreign governments. This scandal unfolded on June 3rd, under Justin Trudeau's leadership, which is already infamous for its admiration of China and its authoritarian regime. The Trudeau government refuses to disclose the names of the MPs involved, citing an internal investigation.

Rebel News journalist Alexandra Lavoie took to the streets of Montreal to gather public opinions on whether the names of these MPs should be released.

"Of course, we should. It's outrageous and they are public servants. We need to know who they are, so we don't elect them another time," said one respondent, expressing a common sentiment.

Another person commented, "That's crazy. I don't think they're going to be released, but in a perfect world, they should be." Others argued, "I think that the public has the right to know."

Someone else agreed but added another perspective, "Of course, but the way it's going to be released should be respectful and provide enough information that the public, as a democracy, needs."

"They should be [released]. People need to know what's going on so they can be informed. Transparency is crucial," emphasized another respondent.

As the interviews continued, the consensus remained strong. "We need to know what's going on, not to be hidden behind the scenes," insisted one citizen. Even a non-Canadian interviewee weighed in, stating, "Honestly, as a non-Canadian, I don't have a strong opinion on this, but if it's hurting the citizens of Canada, they should definitely do something about it."

Finally, on the question of Trudeau’s moral authority to lead the country amid this scandal, opinions were blunt. "He doesn't have the moral authority and hasn't for a long time. He will stay until the next election, but I don't think he's going to keep his seat anyway," said one man.

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