WATCH: Freedom fighter parties UNITE to take back Australia

Some of Victoria's candidates came together to answer questions, talk to voters, and have a good, old-fashioned Aussie barbie.

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Last week, various freedom minor parties candidates converged on a Ferntree Gully park in Melbourne.

With an air of camaraderie and conviviality, it was clear that everyone at the event had the same primary aim—to do everything possible to let the voters know that there are other choices at the polling stations. 

While another function with this many different party representatives might crackle with animosity, organiser Onique Francis from the Knox Freedom Family is happy to note that everyone is united in this fight. 

"I think we're all in agreement that we're all on the same page. We all want the same outcome and I think they're all happy to work together today".

Walter Stragan, recently a victim of The Herald Sun's fake news, explained the One Nation stance on trans-sports:

"One thing [Pauline] does not support, and I do not support, is to have three toilets in schools; for her, for him and also- what they are called now- 'they'. You're male. You cannot compete against a female in a swimming competition. One Nation will not support [it], the Greens will". 

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Casey, Trevor Smith, told Rebel News why the LibDems are the party he believes in: 

"David Limbrick should be well known to your viewers as a guy who's really stood up for Victoria in the last couple of years. The Liberal Democrats have had the same positions for 20 years. Covid just happened to come along. We didn't develop new policies because of that, we just talked about the positions we already had". 

The United Australian Party candidate for Aston, Rebekah Spelman, said she voted for The Greens in her 20s and is now firmly standing with the UAP.

"From the beginning, Craig Kelly was speaking out [about Covid], and that was impressive". When he joined the UAP, I started looking into their policies and couldn't find anything I didn't like", Rebekah Spelman told Rebel News.

When recounting what brought her to the point of running for the house of representatives, she added:

"I was heavily involved in the freedom movement. This is the next logical step because we need people like me, normal people who have integrity, to get into our parliament because it's full of crooks".

Both Walter and Rebekah spoke about the trillion-dollar debt Australia currently holds.

"Pauline's idea to pay the debt is to tax the multi-nationals and make them pay", Walter Stragan said.

Rebekah Spelman said that the UAP had a plan to pay it off in just over 15 years. 

Everyone seemed to be on the same page about why voters should consider moving away from the major parties.

Warren Pickering, a candidate for the Senate for One Nation, implores people to "remember the lies they've been told".

"If your best friend continued to lie to you, you wouldn't continue to have faith in them. Why would you do it with your government?"

One Nation's Walter Stragan echoed his party colleagues' sentiments:

"They'll reduce the mandates, then after they win, we're going to go back".

UAP's Rebekah Spelman wants voters to remember where we stood a few short months ago.

"I urge people to harken back to what it was like a year ago, nine months ago when we were locked down, under curfew, couldn't go to work, and just remember what that felt like".

Rather than looking back, Trevor Smith from LibDems wants voters to look to the future. 

"What will the government do next? We've got the digital ID, the Liberal Democrats are against that. We might be right now, but what's coming next? We're going to stand up for individuals' freedom".

In the end, the UAP candidate for Aston articulated what many Victorians seem to be fearing. 

"We have to change the government because we cannot let them have the power to do this to us again". 


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  • By Avi Yemini

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