WATCH: Freedom movement lives on at new community festival

The three-day event will take place from 23-25 August in NSW, offering a mix of fun, workshops and talks in NSW's Pillar Valley.

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Freedom fighter Nick Patterson and organiser David Armstrong told me about an upcoming event they are promoting in a bid to restore a sense of community and joy.

The Living Free Festival will be held in the Pillar Valley, NSW, from 23-25 August. The festival aims to replicate the camaraderie felt at previous gatherings born out of the freedom movement during Australia's harsh Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates.

"We'd (since the protests) had a few picnics previously, and there was this feeling of just everyone getting together that we had to replicate," Armstrong said. "It was so missing in that time, and people were crying, saying they had to feel what it was like to have community again."

Patterson, a familiar face to Rebel News viewers, is actively promoting the event, highlighted its importance.

"We need to be able to learn how to have fun again," he said. "The music element of this is really interesting to me. The talent is top-notch."

The festival, which spans three days from Friday to Sunday, will feature musicians, speakers, and workshops. It aims to be a family-friendly, drug and alcohol-free event.

Armstrong emphasised the festival's focus on solutions and positive discussions.

"It's about bringing a community together to talk about solutions, have some fun, and enjoy music without the anger."

Prominent speakers include Cal Washington from the InPower Movement, Mike Winner from Alfa Vedic, and Alec Zeck from The Way Forward, among others.

"We need to realise that we can't control everything, but we have a voice and a certain level of power that we can use for good," Patterson added.

For more details and ticket information, visit

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