Freedom rally in Toronto: Protesters talk COVID boosters, ArriveCAN and freedom

'I do not think it's justified, and it could be a pathway to something more restrictive, and to become something of a surveillance on each Canadian citizen or resident,' said a protester commenting on the ArriveCAN app.

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On Saturday, September 17, Rebel News attended a nationwide rally in Toronto where many people gathered in Queen's Park to support freedom and to protest the remaining COVID mandates that are still in place.

The leader of the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, made an appearance and gave a speech to the crowd. We had the chance to interview him and hear his thoughts on the ArriveCAN app, newly-elected leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, freedom and future plans for the PPC.

“Here in Canada, we have the constitutional right to be able to travel freely across our country being vaccinated or not,” said Bernier.

Many people showed up to rally against still-existing mandates in Canada, and a lot of people gave their comments on the ArriveCAN app and why it's so important to fight for freedom in Canada.

I do not think it's justified, and it could be a pathway to something more restrictive and to become something of a surveillance on each Canadian citizen or resident,” said one protester. 

According to a recent story from Blacklock's Reporter:

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization said shots “may be warranted” every 90 days, the tightest deadline discussed to date. “A shorter interval of at least three months may be warranted in the context of heightened epidemiological risk as well as operational considerations for the efficient deployment of the Covid-19 vaccination program,” said a Summary Of National Advisory Committee On Immunization Statement Of September 1.

Others at the rally had strong opinions on the possibility of booster shots being recommended every 90 days, and commented on how the government shouldn't be enforcing anything in general.

Watch the video for the full report.

Please go to and sign our petition to put an end to this app that the federal government is enforcing. You can also donate to help our lawyer friends over at The Democracy Fund, so they can take legal action against this unjustifiable app that is causing turmoil at Canadian airports.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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