WATCH: Rex Murphy delivers speech to Israel supporters at Parliament Hill rally

'This is the horror of the people who hate Jews,” Murphy told crowd, referring to Hamas' Oct. 7 terror attack. 'Do not wash it. Do not dilute it.'

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Supporters gathered for a pro-Israel rally on Parliament Hill today, with a large crowd turning out to support Israel's right to exist, defend itself from terror and to call on the international community to pressure Hamas to release hostages taken during October 7's deadly attack.

Some of the pro-Israel protesters were held unable to make the rally after 17 buses failed to show up, with the chief of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto suggesting antisemitism was the motive behind the cancellation. 

Among the speakers at the event was prominent political commentator Rex Murphy.

“One of the leaders of the parties is regarded as the best dressed person on Parliament Hill,” Murphy said as he started his speech. “I'm about to take that title away from him, I am now the best dressed person on Parliament Hill,” he continued, draping an Israeli flag on his back.

During the speech, Murphy reflected on the Oct. 7 terror attack carried out by Hamas, wondering what kind of twisted person would slaughter or take innocent children hostage.

“This is the horror of the people who hate Jews,” he said. “Do not wash it. Do not dilute it. Look at it in the face and understand that there are motivations so deep, and minds so psychotic, that they could walk into the very face of innocence — a smiling baby — and do it ill.”

In closing, Murphy called on everyday citizens to stand up to Palestinian supporters harassing business owners and criticized Canada's political leaders for not showing up to the rally, though Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre was in attendance among the crowd.

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