Geert Wilders is determined to become the next Dutch PM — how will he do it?

Wilders appears willing to compromise on aspects of his anti-immigration, anti-EU agenda in order to form a coalition in the Dutch parliament.

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On last Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra broke down his exclusive interview with Geert Wilders, who is expected to be the new prime minister of the Netherlands after a shocking victory by his Party for Freedom. 

While Ezra was able to get 15 minutes with Wilders, who ran on an anti-immigration, anti-EU platform, this video has some of his expanded thoughts on Wilders' victory and his policy plans.

Though his party won the most seats in the Dutch parliament, Wilders still has some political maneuvering to do in order to ensure he will become the prime minister, due to the coalition-based nature of Dutch politics. "To go from a Trudeau-style prime minister to a populist conservative, 'close the borders' prime minister is such a shock that the deep state, as it were, in the Netherlands, is doing everything to stop it," said Ezra. 

Wilders seems determined to make a coalition work and become the prime minister even if it means compromising on parts of his agenda. He and Ezra spoke about his top priorities, including reducing the dramatic levels of migrants and asylum-seekers entering Holland and to stop wasting money on liberal pet issues that worsen the cost of living for everyday people.

"If you saw the streeters, the man on the street interviews I did when I was in the Netherlands," Ezra said, "you can see those things clicked with people because it's not just in Canada that people can't afford groceries and gas and housing."

"They don't understand why foreign asylum seekers, as they're called in the Netherlands, get free stuff, free hotels, free food, free everything for years. And they don't understand why we're on fools errands against carbon and nitrogen."

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