Gordon G Chang on how much Canada has succumbed to China

'I think the reason why China had more ‘diplomats’ in Canada than other places is because Canada simply allowed that to occur.'

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This is just an excerpt from The Ezra Levant Show. To see new, ad-free episodes, which air Monday - Friday @ 8 p.m. ET | 6 p.m. MT, become a subscriber to RebelNews+. This episode originally aired on May 23, 2023.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Gordon G Chang, our go-to expert on China. 

Ezra asked Gordon how he would place Canada in terms of its resilience and resistance to Chinese influence or if we’ve frankly succumbed to it. Gordon answered:

Canada has succumbed to China and we can see this in any number of ways, especially over the last decade. And I think the reason why China had more "diplomats’"in Canada than in other places is because Canada simply allowed that to occur. You have a family, the Trudeau family, extremely influential in Canadian politics, and also very close to communist China and other Communist States. So I think that Beijing just saw this as an opportunity. 

And what we're seeing in Canada right now is something a healthy development, a pushback on the Chinese because they could do all these things, they did them, they've overstepped as they overstepped in Australia as they've overstepped in the United States and elsewhere. And so it's really critical right now for the Canadian political establishment as well as the Canadian people to make it clear that this is completely unacceptable and that they will impose costs on Canadian politicians who are in China's pocket

“How do we strengthen Chinese Canadians who love Canadian values like peace and freedom and independence, and how do we make sure that we do that and empower them and not paint all Chinese Canadians— like I, I mean, obviously we don't, but I think some Chinese activists in Canada like there's a liberal senator who's saying this is just anti-China racism. How do we push back?” asked Ezra.

Gordon said:

With regard to ethnic Chinese in Canada and this is the same issue in the United States, we have many Chinese who appear more loyal to Beijing than to the United States. And so, you know, for we have a first amendment and that first amend, it gives you a right to be silent as well as to speak. But Chinese Americans are putting themselves in a very difficult position because I think other Americans legitimately can ask why are we having as in our country, people who are more loyal to an enemy than they are to our country. And that means that Chinese Americans have got to start talking among themselves on these issues, these are the same things, of course, in Canada because other Canadians I believe have a legitimate question. Why are Chinese Canadians so loyal to Beijing?

Ezra added:

You know, it, it's so tough and, and I never want to imply, you know, a disloyalty and that's what I want to fight against. That's why I love courageous Chinese Canadians and I'll put Michael Chong in that category and you know, the Epoch Times which publishes in Canada and then there's the NTDTV, which is a related TV station. These are Democrats and when I've spoken to them and many of them are in the Falun Gong faith which might motivate them.

But so what I love is the fact that they have a freedom orientation and they tell me Joe Wong, the head of NTDTV in Canada, tells me that he gets phone calls from mainland China from his family saying the police are there and Joe, will you stop doing what you're doing? I think one of the reasons that they're silent is because of the threats and it's sort of like that Italian mafia example, why didn't more Italians speak up to the mafia? Well, because maybe they'd get killed if they did.

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