German climate activists dye fountain water green and say, 'green gas is a dirty lie'

The group says it was protesting against the German government for its continued use of liquid gas amid the energy crisis. 

'Green gas is a dirty lie,' German climate activists dye water fountains green
Extinction Rebellion DE
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German climate change activists poured green dye into water fountains in numerous German cities on Wednesday morning to protest the government’s environmental policies.

Germany, which is in the midst of an energy crisis due to its sanctions on Russian energy, is facing widespread calls from members of the public and conservative politicians to reopen its nuclear power plants. 

The country is poised to face a cold winter as blackouts and energy rationing loom on the horizon in the colder months.

Despite concerns that many Germans may not have adequate heating to contend with the freezing cold, climate change activists, who appear to be out of touch with the needs of the broader public, continue to call for Germany’s government to double down on its suicidal green policies.

Members of Extinction Rebellion, one of the leading climate change activist groups, posted photos of their green protest by polluting the fountain at the Hamburg City Hall with green dye.

The group says it was protesting against the German government for its continued use of liquid gas amid the energy crisis.

The group also took to Twitter and said:

In June, the EU Commission classified gas as ‘sustainable’ – with German approval. But gas is a fossil fuel and partially fracked. Fracking is banned in large parts of Europe, yet Habeck is importing fracking gas.

The group is referring to Robert Habeck, the Vice Chancellor of Germany and the Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Habeck is chiefly responsible for Germany’s climate and energy policies, and recently backed the European Commission’s bid to reclassify nuclear power and fossil fuels as “green.”

Climate change activists argue that fossil fuels must be banned to save the planet.

The group continued:

Countries of the Global North exploit countries of the Global South by exporting raw materials to other countries, such as the German oil and gas company #Wintershall Dea. #StopColonialViolence! End dirty LNG and start the #SystemChange already!

In a separate tweet, the Extinction Rebellion stated “green gas is a dirty lie!” and explained why they dyed the water green in public fountains. 

In addition to the city of Hamburg, the climate activists dyed the water fountains in Berlin, Bonn, Essen, and Munich. 

The group claims that continued use of liquid gas is environmentally unfriendly, and “leads to neo-colonial exploitation and oppression.” 

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