Greens lose support over continued backing of violent anti-Israel protesters

Australia's political leaders finally condemn the Greens for their support of radical demonstrations.

Greens lose support over continued backing of violent anti-Israel protesters
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In a rare display of unity, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton have criticised the Greens for backing "unacceptable" anti-Israel protests targeting MPs' offices.

The Greens have been vocally supporting Palestinians amid ongoing conflicts between Israeli forces and Hamas in Gaza, accusing Israel of committing genocide in Rafah.

During Question Time, Greens leader Adam Bandt urged Parliament to formally condemn Israel, and party Senators have criticised the government for inaction.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong clashed with Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John on Monday, accusing him of "collaborating" with abusive protesters. "It is double standards to engage in violent and aggressive protests and incite them and think that you’re doing something about peace," Wong stated during Senate Estimates. She criticised Steele-John for supporting threatening and violent social media posts, stating, "That is not leadership."

Prime Minister Albanese condemned the Greens on Wednesday, addressing a question from Teal MP Sophie Scamps. He stressed the importance of community safety and social cohesion.

"It is unacceptable that misinformation was consciously and deliberately spread by some Greens members," Albanese said, accusing protesters of using intimidation tactics and preventing constituents from accessing essential services.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton supported Albanese, linking the Greens' actions to rising anti-semitism in Australia.

"Last week, I was at a school in Sydney where armed guards protect young children... because they are Jewish," Dutton said. He condemned those using political motives to inflame tensions, referencing recent attacks on MPs' offices with anti-Semitic messages.

Greens members reacted strongly, with Max Chandler-Mather shouting, "they are protesting a genocide," in response to Dutton. Adam Bandt, allowed to speak by Speaker Milton Dick, briefly united the House in condemning anti-Semitism and Islamophobia before attempting a rebuttal.

"I will not be lectured to about peace and non-violence by people who back the invasion of Gaza," Bandt declared before his microphone was cut off by the Speaker.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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