Health Ministry Stalls Document Release on Governor General's Partisan Online Harms Symposium

The Health Ministry needs five months to turn over records on Theresa Tam's participation in Governor General Mary Simon's controversial online harms symposium.

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Justice Minister Arif Virani, along with other high-profile public servants like the Public Health Agency's Theresa Tam, have claimed they were not officially involved in the blatantly partisan event held in April.

However, the lengthy delay in releasing these records due to "a large volume of documents" suggests a large volume of participation.

The symposium, held on April 11, 2024, at Rideau Hall, was a shameless display of partisanship from the allegedly nonpartisan representative of the King in Canada. The Governor General's Symposium: Building a Safe and Respectful Digital World was a promotional event for the Liberals' yet-to-be-passed Online Harms Bill, Virani's flagship legislation.

The guest list was replete with crybullies, government-funded activists, jobless TikTok commentators, and bureaucrats like Theresa Tam. And, of course, Justice Minister Arif Virani was front and center.

According to reports in the mainstream media, Virani's office claimed he only attended for lunch and that discussions about the bill came up organically.

The mainstream media believed it without question.

But here at Rebel News, we demanded answers. We wanted to uncover the true extent of the government’s exploitation of Mary Simon's position to further their extremist censorship agenda.

Despite the Health Ministry's evasions and delays, we know Theresa Tam was present. She's on the list of speakers.

Are we to believe she just wandered in for a free meal as well?

Thanks to your support, we filed for access to documents relating to her participation in the governor general's event, only to be met with a five-month delay.

The Health Ministry's excuse? An overwhelming number of records to process.

What will these documents reveal about Mary Simon's collaboration with the federal government to push Trudeau's partisan agenda? We will find out in October.

Rest assured, it will be much more damning than an innocent lunch invitation.

Governor General Mary Simon should represent the interests of all Canadians, not act as a puppet for Trudeau’s partisan games. To demand her resignation or dismissal, sign our petition.

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