'He's not a Red Tory': Thousands gather for Poilievre rally in Alberta

The popular Conservative MP made his first campaign stop in Alberta, where a huge crowd turned up to hear him talk.

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Unlike 2020, the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race in 2022 is shaping up to be a real barn burner. For the first time in quite some time conservatives in Canada are torn between candidates they really like instead of just strategizing as to who might do ok in the next election.

Last week, Dr. Leslyn Lewis was in town for two nights, and her events saw a few hundred and nearly 1,000 attendees respectively. We were there as part of our LeadershipReports.ca coverage, and had the opportunity to speak with her for an exclusive interview.

Last night, we were on location at Spruce Meadows in Calgary for the first Alberta stop of Pierre Poilievre’s leadership campaign where one of the largest crowds in recent memory at a political campaign gathered. Nearly 8,000 people registered for the event and, based on the size of the crowd that showed up, most of the registrants were indeed in attendance.

We spoke with those who turned up about what it is about Poilievre that drew them out to the rally, and why they think he is the right man to take on Justin Trudeau in the next federal election. We also spoke with local Member of Parliament John Barlow about the massive turnout and why he believes Mr. Poilievre’s message resonates with Albertans.

As the night was coming to a close, a line of thousands of people hoping to meet Poilievre formed, so we had to delay our interview as he was likely to be greeting people into the early hours of the morning, but his team assured me we would schedule an interview come his next trip to Calgary.

To endure you don’t miss any of our coverage of this exciting leadership races, be sure to check in regularly at LeadershipReports.ca.

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