Hilton COVID Hotel inmate shares what his experience inside was like

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The Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites is the latest Toronto-area property to devolve into one of Justin Trudeau’s gross quarantine hotels. If you thought the Hilton brand stood for upper crust accommodation, that is not what “John” (not his real name) discovered last month, when he was forced to reside at the Hilton against his will.

The backstory: John recently flew back to the United States from Dubai. Before leaving Dubai, he took the mandatory PCR test. Once he touched down in the U.S., he walked over the Peace Bridge at Niagara Falls that spans New York state and the province of Ontario. Because he wasn’t arriving into Canada from an international destination via air, John was supposed to be exempt from staying at a quarantine hotel, and would be able to quarantine for 14 days at home.

But for some baffling reason, the authorities mandated that he had to go to a quarantine hotel. And they also refused to recognize the PCR test he had taken in Dubai. Why? Again, no reasons were provided.

So it was that John was hauled off to the Hilton Toronto Airport. And here’s where things got horrific. John has a severe seafood allergy. He informed the Red Cross (which is responsible for the food service at the Hilton) about this dietary restriction, and a sign was put on his hotel room door making note of this issue.

So, what did the Red Cross serve John for lunch? A tuna fish sandwich and a Caesar salad that had a dressing containing anchovies!

What the hell? The Red Cross is supposed to help people — not put them in hospital due to an anaphylactic reaction to an allergen!

John told the Red Cross rep that he could not eat this potential death sentence on a plate. He was told they would bring him a replacement lunch. Some seven hours later (!), that replacement lunch had yet to arrive. Oh, but John was given an apple to tide him over. Just one hitch: that apple had a worm in it!

We were so outraged by John’s story that we made a beeline to the Hilton in order to deliver him a large pizza (holding the anchovies, of course). We also put together a bagful of energy bars, cashews, fruit bars and some bottles of water and cans of pop. Oh, and a tube of hand sanitizer — if you can believe it, John says hand sanitizer is in short supply at this “quarantine” hotel. Incredible. But not only were we prevented from dropping off this care package to John, but the hotel called Peel Regional Police, who told us to vamoose or be charged with trespassing.

Thankfully, John has now been released from that horrific Hilton. In an interview with Rebel News, he documents his nightmare visit to this hotel, which should serve as a cautionary tale when it comes to experiencing hospitality à la the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

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