HOAX: Liberal party politician caught lying about harassment from fictional Rebel News reporter

Ontario Liberal Party candidate, Nathan Stall took to Twitter to make false accusations against Rebel News. He has not apologized, but after hours of spreading misinformation, Stall eventually deleted his tweets.

HOAX: Liberal party politician caught lying about harassment from fictional Rebel News reporter
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Nathan Stall, a former member of the Ontario Science Panel who resigned in August to seek the Ontario Liberal Party nomination for Toronto-St Paul's made a completely unfounded allegation that he had been attacked in public by a Rebel News journalist.

The now-deleted tweet was up for nearly 6 hours and retweeted hundreds of times. It read:

"Today a Rebel News reporter harassed me at a local farmer's market for promoting vaccines.

That same reporter made use of the market's shopping service, where volunteers personally shop inside for those without a vaccine passport."


The falsehood was immediately rebuked by Rebel News publisher, Ezra Levant who demanded the tweet be deleted, and an apology issued if Stall wants to avoid a lawsuit.

Stall, in a bizarre attempt to defend himself from allegations of Jussie Smollett-style hate-hoaxing, tweeted a 5-month-old video from Rebel reporter, Tamara Ugolini, as proof that the subject of Tamara's interview, Rosemary Frei was a Rebel reporter. Frei has never worked for Rebel News in any capacity. Stall provided no evidence that Frei, an independent journalist and freelance medical writer with a Masters of Science in molecular biology, had harassed him either.


Those tweets from Stall were also subsequently deleted.

Stall's lying tweet garnered empathetic replies from hundreds of sympathizers who comforted him for his make-believe trauma at the hands of a non-existent Rebel News reporter and was retweeted by Liberal politicians and journalists, including the health reporter at the Globe and Mail, Andre Picard.

Denise Balkinsoon of the govt subsidized publication, The Narwhal, scolded Stall for misinformation, not for his lie, but for calling Rebel journalists "reporters."

Stall was widely mocked on social media for his lie.

The internet, as they say, is forever and the tweet lives in on multiple screenshots still being shared on Twitter.

Stay tuned to Rebel News for updates as this story unfolds on Monday when our lawyers are back at work after the weekend.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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