Holding the media accountable on the Chrome Artistic Barbering film studio rebrand

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When it comes to mainstream media-generated bias (and even potential libel and defamation), the people of St. Catharines, Ontario, should be grateful that someone is watching the supposed watchdogs. Sandor Ligetfalvy is a citizen journalist. He is also a major thorn in the side of the local newspaper, the St. Catharines Standard as well as its “ace” reporter Grant LaFleche. 

Like so many other mainstream media outlets, the St. Catharines Standard is pro-lockdown, pro COVID-Karen, and pro big government. It's little wonder why on that last one, given how the Justin Trudeau Liberals send taxpayer dollars to prop up the St. Catharines Substandard; without such corporate welfare this paper could not exist based on its declining readership and advertisers.

But what was truly grating is that LaFleche wrote a hit piece on Alicia Hirter, a single mom who reimagined her barbershop as a film production studio. That allowed her to open up, make a living, and initially, she even had the blessings of the St. Catharines bylaw department. 

This did not sit well with COVID-Karen Nation. And so it was that Alicia was harassed online by trolls, and in person by bylaw and law enforcement. Joining the mob was Grant LaFleche, who implied in a story that Alicia had made an online death threat to Dr. M. Mustafa Hirji, acting medical officer of health and commissioner for Niagara Region. This was fake news with a capital F; indeed, it is Alicia who has been receiving death threats!

Luckily Sandor has been collecting screen captures of Standard stories that magically get re-edited online to edit out the defamatory remarks when those being harmed speak out.

All of which will make for superb evidence, as Alicia is now in the process of suing LaFleche and the Standard for defamation. 

We hope she receives a settlement so large she can buy a new barbershop/film production studio!

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  • By David Menzies


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