Home Depot saves the day after Theresa Tam neglected Canada's PPE supply

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Dr Theresa Tam allowed Canada's strategic stockpile of medical PPE to become so depleted that officials had more than three times as many expired medical gowns on hand as they did non-expired ones.

The government actually had to rely on donations from Home Depot to protect Canada's frontline healthcare workers.

A couple of weeks ago I told you how the Public Health Agency of Canada is using a national security exemption to block inquiries into just how inadequate the national stockpile of masks truly was, while the agency was becoming aware of the threat posed by the coronavirus as it expanded out of its birthplace in Wuhan, China. 

Which is weird because Canada's actual national security agencies like CSIS and Public Safety Canada didn't have a problem divulging the amount of masks in their strategic stockpiles. 

What we could tell you is that at the time, Justin Trudeau gave away 16 tons of medical PPE from the Canadian strategic stockpile to China, to help the country that manufactures most of the masks in the world fight the coronavirus.

The Public Health Agency has also blocked inquiries into the specific companies and suppliers it is utilizing now to bring the stockpile up to functional levels, again using the same national security excuse. There are concerns that North Americans may be purchasing masks that are being manufactured using persecuted Uyghur slave labour in China.

And we know that in the lead-up to the pandemic, the Public Health Agency threw out two million N95 masks and 440,000 medical gloves when it shut down an emergency stockpile warehouse in Regina, after discovering the masks expired in 2014 and the agency failed to replace them.

It's important to note that the Public Health Agency was created in response to the SARS pandemic, specifically to prepare Canada for pandemics. Despite Dr. Theresa Tam's efforts trying to block order paper questions about the strategic stockpile at the Public Health Agency, Blacklock's Reporter has obtained memos detailing how ill prepared Tam left her agency, and Canada.

Keep in mind, this is national strategic stockpile the entire health system would turn to once provincial supplies ran out — and thank God they didn't.

In memos, the admitted it was so short of supplies that it shipped date-expired medical gowns to provinces, and urged managers to consider “ethical considerations” in rationing goods. Provincial health departments were also urged to distribute date-expired masks.

Managers expressed gratitude for private donations from corporations and community groups, which included donations of “10,140 N95 masks from Home Depot.” 

Well, thank God for the private sector, stepping up to fill the gap where Teresa Tam and Justin Trudeau failed.

And thank God this pandemic wasn't as bad first predicted. 

Because with Tam and Trudeau in charge, we wouldn't have stood a chance.

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