How do Canadians feel about the rising cost of living in 2022?

Rebel News went to Woodbine Beach in Toronto to ask Canadians their thoughts on the rising cost of living in 2022 and find out how it has affected residents personally.

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It’s obvious that consumer prices have been rising lately. Here is a chart from Statistics Canada showing the rise of inflation from July 2021 onwards.

You can see that the cost of living has risen dramatically, and if this trend continues, it will no longer be possible to live affordably in Canada.

This affects the average person’s lifestyle in various ways. For example, an average meal at a restaurant for two people is now about $65.00. Fuel costs have greatly increased as well. We saw gas prices rise to $2.00/litre this year, which has made travelling, shipping, and working all more expensive.

I wanted to know how Canadians are handling this rise in inflation, and if they are concerned about being able to afford life in the future.

I went to Woodbine Beach in Toronto and asked Canadians on the boardwalk about the rising cost of living in 2022, to hear their thoughts and find out how it has affected them personally. Some of the younger people who I spoke with did not seem to be concerned about rising food and fuel prices because they were not directly affected by them; they were either still financially supported by their parents, or their expenses were minimal.

I got a mix of reactions from all age ranges, with most people saying that they had noticed higher prices, and had been affected by this in their daily life. Some said they had to drive less to save money on gas and others said that they have to pay much closer attention to how much they are spending on groceries.

When asked about their level of optimism about the future, many people shared a belief that inflation would not lessen anytime soon.

It was a nice summer day, so most people seemed relaxed and not overly concerned about this serious issue. However, who knows what the future will hold in the coming months with the rising cost of living in Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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