How Israel can create a 'decent Gaza' in the aftermath of the war

Middle East Forum president Daniel Pipes joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss his new book, and how Israel can help create a lasting peace in the aftermath of its war against Hamas.

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The process of achieving peace between Israel and neighbouring nations has been a long struggle. While past successes have been achieved, including more recent developments achieved under U.S. President Donald Trump's tenure, conflict erupted in Gaza following the October 7, 2023, Hamas-led terror attack against Israel.

Since the attack, Israel launched an invasion of Gaza in an effort to eradicate Hamas. With peace talks picking up, what potentially lies ahead in the aftermath of the conflict? Can a lasting peace actually be achieved?

On Wednesday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Middle East Forum president and author of Israel Victory: How Zionists Win Acceptance and Palestinians Get Liberated Daniel Pipes joined Ezra to look at what lies ahead.

Speaking of how Israelis tend to view Palestinians as a permanent enemy, Daniel argues this viewpoint needs to change to create a sustainable peace. Instead, he told Ezra that Israel will have to work with moderate figures both within and outside of Gaza to create a new nation comparable to other countries, like Jordan or Egypt:

I think if you look closely, if you look at the intellectuals, if you look at the religious people and others, you see that there are voices — significant voices. Israeli Muslim citizens, Arabs of Jerusalem, West Bankers, Gaza residents who have had enough, especially in Gaza, they've had enough.

I do believe that the Israelis, through intelligence, persistent, determined work, can find allies among the Palestinians. And the first place will be in Gaza, I believe the day-after scenario should be Israel working with Gazans to create what I call a "decent Gaza".

I believe that's possible. You don't need the Palestinian Authority, you don't need Arab states, you don't need the United Nations, you don't need Western armies; Israel on its own, working with the right Gazans, can set up an administration, a police force, an educational system and the like and will be decent — not great, not a place where you or I would want to live, but a place like say Egypt or Jordan, where if you keep your nose clean and stay out of politics and don't insult the rulers you can live a perfectly fine life.

That's, I believe, the aspiration Israel should have.

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