Hunter Biden's White House presence alarms admin officials amid father's political struggles

Administration officials are reportedly surprised about the president's son's involvement in official meetings.

Hunter Biden's White House presence alarms admin officials amid father's political struggles
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta
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President Joe Biden's decision to include his son Hunter in official White House meetings has sparked controversy and confusion among administration staff. This development comes as the 81-year-old president faces mounting pressure to step aside as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming election.

NBC News reported that Hunter Biden, who was recently convicted on felony gun charges, has been participating in meetings with senior administration officials since his father's recent debate performance. The presence of the younger Biden, who faces additional legal challenges related to tax issues, has reportedly left many in the White House perplexed.

According to sources within the administration, the reaction to Hunter's involvement has been one of disbelief, with one official quoted as saying, "What the hell is happening?" The unusual nature of his presence in high-level discussions has raised questions about protocol and security clearances.

Hunter Biden's complicated history, including his admitted struggles with substance abuse and controversial personal life, has long been a source of political vulnerability for his father. President Biden has previously referred to Hunter as the "smartest guy I know," despite the ongoing legal and personal issues surrounding his son.

The timing of Hunter's increased visibility at the White House coincides with a text message allegedly sent to his father in 2019, stating, "If you don't run I'll never have a chance at redemption." This has led to speculation about the motivations behind his current involvement in official matters.

Critics, including Alberto E. Martinez, former chief of staff for Senator Marco Rubio, have questioned the appropriateness of Hunter's presence in sensitive meetings. Martinez stated, "If he were not the President's son, Hunter would not pass the background check to attend an event with the President, let alone work in the White House."

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