If Trudeau Liberals can pass M103, why can't they condemn Uyghur genocide?

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According to a motion passed by in Parliament, known as M-103, the federal government wishes to condemn Islamophobia. If that is the case, then why is the media not full of statements condemning the Communist Party of China for the atrocities they continue to inflict on innocent people?

We read headlines that the Two Michaels' are being put on trial in China — what a shame that Canada has not been able to stop this gross injustice. There can be only two reasons why: either the Trudeau government is totally infatuated by the Communist Party of China or they are totally terrified by it on the local front.

There are approximately 11 Muslim Members of Parliament in the Liberal Party caucus. All of them overwhelmingly supported M-103, which states that there is systemic racism against Muslims in Canada.

On September 27, 2017, I gave testimony at Parliament against M-103. Why? Because “Islamophobia” is a word that was created after September 11, 2001 to stem any kind of critique, discussion or debate about Islam and Muslims.

I have also written about why M-103 is divisive. I've continued to criticize the term Islamophobia in my writings and speeches, warning that what is ironic and hypocritical about this is the double standard presented by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. 

Because China is friendly with Muslim countries, the OIC will not speak out against the crimes being committed by the Communist Party against its Muslim minority population.

On the question of declaring these actions a genocide, Trudeau's cabinet abstains from voting. Now, what are we to make of this? Are they opposed to racism against all Muslims? If so, why did they not vote in support of genocide?

I want to name and shame them into answering this question. Do they work in the interest of Canada, or the OIC? If the Muslim members in our government are so concerned about systemic racism against Muslims, why is the media not full of statements from these MPs condemning the Communist Party of China for the atrocities they continue to inflict?

What hypocrisy and what a shame this is.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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