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IMPORTANT MESSAGE for unionized & private SK employees fighting vaccine passports

Tonie Wells, a now-former Department of Justice worker in the province of Saskatchewan is helping unionized and private workers in Saskatchewan fight vaccine passports.

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A couple of weeks ago, we posted a video report titled URGENT MESSAGE for SK workers facing job loss over vaccine passport. In that video, I briefly interviewed Tonie Wells, a Department of Justice worker assisting unionized employees in the province of Saskatchewan fight vaccine mandates. .

Unfortunately, that video went out with a bizarre audio glitch that seemed to affect approximately 25 per cent of our viewers (seemingly users of certain models of iPhones & MacBooks). We apologize for the inconvenience, and assure you the issue is now resolved for future videos!

However, since this is an important message, we wanted to give Tonie a chance to get her message out to our FULL audience, so she popped onto Skype for a quick interview with me to discuss not only a repeat of the original message, but also an update on how she can now assist non-unionized workers. Also, Tonie is now collaborating to help those outside Saskatchewan as well.

Since our original interview, Tonie has lost her job within the Department of Justice over the vaccine mandate, so she is no stranger to how this is hurting regular citizens, and she is bravely standing up despite the risk. She is also now the Action4Canada Chapter Leader for Saskatchewan.

I will give the same disclaimer that I gave in the first video — Rebel News is not affiliated with, nor funding any action that is discussed in this interview. This is a private, citizens-based initiative. We just want to give citizens as many tools as possible as they can to help fight back in this very turbulent time.

So please share this far and wide, even if you saw the first video!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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