Indigenous protests erupt on Queen's day of mourning

Aboriginal activists burn flags and celebrate the death of monarch

Indigenous protests erupt on Queen's day of mourning
Lidia Thorpe / Facebook
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Indigenous activists burned the Australian flag, vandalised the British consulate and celebrated the death of the Queen in explosive protests across Australia on the Queen’s National Day of Mourning.

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe led protests in Melbourne where she smeared her hands in mock blood blood.

“The Crown has blood on their hands,” she yelled. “Our people are still dying in this country every single day. The Crown's boot is on our neck and we're sick of it.”

Protestors then smeared red dye over the royal emblem at the British consulate.

In Sydney, protestors stomped on balloons bearing the face of Queen Elizabeth II and chanted “If you’re happy that she’s dead, clap your hands.”

Police moved quickly to protect a statue of the Queen at Queens Square near Hyde Park from being defaced.

Activist and NSW Greens candidate Lynda-June Coe told demonstrators that Queen Elizabeth was “a war criminal. “She did f**k all against the atrocities committed under her name [and] under her predecessors and the institutions which she represents,” she said.

Protesters cheered as the late Queen was called an “old bitch”, an “old slut” and one person yelled “I hope she rots in hell”.

In Brisbane, where activists burned the Australian flag, a speaker told the crowd “Our message to England and the Monarchy is to f**king burn.”

Protestors marched through the streets under a banner picturing a pig wearing a crown with the words “No kings, no cops, no capitalism”.

Activists told media that planning for the protests began the moment the Queen died.

They come as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is asking Australians to vote to change the constitution to give Indigenous people a special Voice to Parliament.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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