Is 'green hydrogen' realistic?

Chemical engineer and retired professor Samuele Furfari explains all you need to know about 'green hydrogen'.

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Green hydrogen is the green energy source that the G7 governments seem to promote in order to solve their problems with fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. But this energy was already investigated and analyzed in the 1970s when there was the oil crisis.

The result was that hydrogen was abandoned as a possible source of sustainable energy. A costly energy source that could bring major economic problems.

Mr. Samuele Furfari in this interview takes the floor to better explain everything that surrounds green energy.

Mr. Furfari, author of more than 10 books on energy, is a chemical engineer. He was a senior official at the Energy Directorate-General of the European Commission where he has devoted an entire career to energy technology and policy.

He has worked on hydrogen but also on a multitude of energy sources. Here is the complete report of an energy expert.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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