Is Sneaky Patrick Brown involved in yet another real estate scandal?

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On tonight's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies revealed his investigation into the sale history of a house in Brampton, Ontario, formerly owned by Mayor Patrick Brown.

Here's a bit of what David had to say about the house:

Brown and wife only lived here for a short period of time. That’s because two months ago, June 16 to be exact, His Worship sold the house for $2,225,000. And interestingly, it was sold to a numbered company, namely, 2795224 Ontario Limited.

Please note that the selling price in June compared to just three years ago was almost double. That was certainly not due to a GTA real estate market that’s in decline; rather, this significant markup was due to the six figures’ worth of renovations that went into those interior upgrades.

But the question arises: who, exactly, paid for those upgrades?

Well knock me down with a feather: our source tells us it was none other than… the Kapil family! Yes, the former owners of the home. But why would they do that? Why would the Kapils sink some $750,000 into a home that they were vacating?

Read more about our investigation into Patrick Brown's Brampton house here.

This is just an excerpt from the full Ezra Levant Show.

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