Is Western Australia growing sick of Labor leadership?

WA Labor faces declining popularity after a new poll reveals a significant drop in support and a lead for the Liberal Party.

Is Western Australia growing sick of Labor leadership?
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The West Australian Labor government is suddenly on the nose, with a new poll showing popular support has plummeted.

The Utting Research poll of 1000 voters, published this week in The West Australian, showed the Liberal Party has a 54 per cent to 46 per cent two-party preferred lead over the government.

That represents a massive drop in Labor support from the last poll conducted just two months ago when the government held a seemingly unassailable 61-39 lead.

The previous poll was conducted in May, just after Labor leader Mark McGowan stepped down.

Since then the government’s bungled implementation of Cultural Heritage Protection laws have dominated the news.

Property owners have accused the government of ramming through legislation that badly affects property prices and undermines property rights.

As well as trailing badly in the two-party preferred poll, the survey showed Labor’s primary vote has also fallen sharply from 52 per cent in May to just 32 per cent.

This latest poll was conducted between July 18-20.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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