It's official: asking transgenders 'rude' questions will get you arrested in Ontario

David Menzies reports from Fergus, Ont., where he was joined by Team Canada women's powerlifter and female sports advocate April Hutchinson, as trans-identifying biological man Ash Davis returned to the women's rugby pitch.

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Rugby season is off and running, and so it was we returned to that biosphere of the bizarre known as Fergus, Ont. Our most viral video of 2023 was when we went to cover a Fergus Highlanders women’s rugby match last July. It made for a notable occasion given that the female Highlanders literally had a biological weapon on their roster: Tommy “Ash” Davis.

Davis is a man with all his male bits and pieces still attached. But apparently, he now “identifies” as a woman (translation: he is perhaps unable to crack the roster of the men’s team, where he used to play).

And so it is that this gender-bending grifter is playing with the ladies. And he’s injuring them too. Wonder why that would be? Maybe because of his inherent biological advantages?

What’s more, Davis playing in a female league is against the rules of U.K.-based World Rugby, the sport’s international governing body. But when it comes to radical transgenderism, rules are meant to be broken it would seem.

But at the Highlanders home opener this year, there was a twist: at least three Ontario Provincial Police cruisers were on site, a good 90 minutes before game time. Now why would that be?

Well, we soon found out. The cops were actually there to protect Davis! Not from any physical harm, mind you. But rather, from impolite queries.

One officer sternly told this Rebel News reporter that if he dared make any “rude” comments to Davis, he would be arrested. We’re not making this up. When asked what provision of the Criminal Code covers rudeness, the cop told him he had “five seconds” to leave the vicinity — or he would be arrested.


By the way, some of our queries we asked Davis (from afar) included the following (we do not know if these questions are “rude” or merely impolite and/or insensitive):

  • As a man, you are playing with and against females. This is a violation of World Rugby rules. Why are you here?
  • Since the inception of sports, men and women have been divided into separate divisions with certain exceptions such as auto racing and equestrian. This is due to obvious biological reasons. Why do you think it is OK for you to be playing in a female rugby league?
  • Are you playing on the women’s team because you can no longer crack the roster of the men’s team? Isn’t your presence here a form of cheating?
  • How many real women do you think you are going to injure this season?
  • Do you have mental health issues?
  • Do you enjoy injuring real women? If so, are you a misogynist?
  • How do you feel about the fact that you have denied a real woman a spot on this team?
  • Many of your opponents and even your own teammates despise the fact that you are playing in a female rugby league. How do you feel about that? Do you have no shame? Do you not believe in chivalry?

In any event, the Rebel News team, which included special correspondent April Hutchinson who endeavoured to query the female players, observed the game from a wooded area far from the field. Almost nobody would answer our queries; they either subscribe to the insanity that “transwomen are real women” or they are wary of the wrath of cancel culture (transgenders are society’s newest protected class).

But getting back to the law enforcement presence: the cops were hellbent on making an arrest that day. Or at least they were perhaps ordered to make an arrest by the brass. And so it was that when we sought comment from spectators on the other side of the field where many were watching the game while sitting on lawn chairs, this reporter was arrested for… trespassing?!

Keep in mind that no Rebel staffer walked on to the field of play and the entire Fergus facility is public. Indeed, if this justified an arrest, the question arises: why weren’t the dozens of fans who were situated in precisely the same area also arrested? (Oh-oh: was that a “rude” query?)

Clearly, Rebel News has a target on its back as this marked the fourth arrest in five months for this reporter. It is as though politicians and police are pretending that the censorious Bill C-63 is already actually law. Disgraceful.

We have no intention of paying that trespassing fine. We have video evidence and several eyewitnesses to prove that absolutely no crime was committed on that rainy Saturday afternoon in Fergus. Rebel News will not be intimidated by the police — or their political puppet masters.

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  • By David Menzies


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