Joe Rogan slams Defund the Police movement

Joe Rogan slams Defund the Police movement
Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan, the host of one of the world’s largest podcasts, has slammed the left-wing “Defund the Police” movement tied to Black Lives Matter groups during a show with comedian Annie Lederman.

The pair discussed the “tent cities” and failed policies that have allowed the homeless to “camp out.” Rogan stated that those who are in charge of helping the homeless are failing, despite being paid hefty six-figure salaries.

“Cops don’t do anything if someone jumps into someone’s backyard, they don’t arrest them — like, you have to do like $900 worth of theft before they’ll even arrest you,” Rogan said in relation to the “Defund the Police” movement in cities like San Francisco, California, The Blaze reported. “If they do arrest you, they’ll just put you right back out on the street again…”

“And has it always been that way, or is this after the defunding?” asked Lederman asked.

“After the defunding — the defunding of the police in Austin has been a disaster, too, and New York’s been a disaster. It’s terrible everywhere. It’s a terrible idea,” Rogan said.

“Also the idea that you are going to send social workers to handle someone’s domestic violence case is f***ing bananas!” the host added. “And it’s a lot of people that don’t understand violence that think that’s OK, and they have this utopian idea. … What’s happening in Mexico could easily happen here with no police presence. People have to understand that.”

The Blaze noted that “Austin hasn’t technically ‘defunded’ police, but the city council did vote last year to cut the police department’s budget by one-third through measures,” according to Mediate. “New York City cut around $1 billion — or one-sixth — of their police department’s budget.”

Speaking of the tent cities, Rogan blasted those in charge of worsening the situation.

Lederman argued that many people who are trapped in the tent cities would “probably get their s*** together” “if they weren’t allowed to camp.”

“The whole thing is dumb,” Rogan responded. “You can’t allow people to just camp on streets in the middle of nowhere. You can’t, you just can’t.”

Lederman said there is a program in Venice Beach, California, which has homeless camping out on the streets picking up litter.

“What the f*** ever,” Rogan reacted. “You can’t camp! How about that? Get the f*** out of here. You’ve gotta figure your life out.” The Daily Wire reported that research has found that cities that held Black Lives Matter protests saw a 10 per cent increase in the number of murders than was expected from 2014–2019.

Preliminary findings from a study conducted by Travis Campbell, a Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, show that cities with protests had “somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more homicides than would have been expected if places with protests were on the same trend as places that did not have protests,” from 2014 to 2019, left-wing Vox reported.

The study also showed a reduction in lethal force by police, resulting in some 300 fewer deaths from 2014 to 2019.

Among their demands, Black Lives Matter has called for the defunding of police departments across the country. Cities that have heeded such demands and made changes to how they fund law enforcement, including those cities that have passed at least some progressive police reform, have not seen their communities become any safer, Campbell’s work seems to evidence.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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