Judge Judy blames soft-on-crime policies for Steve Buscemi's assault

TV's tough-talking judge says soft-on-crime policies have led to a breakdown in society

Judge Judy blames soft-on-crime policies for Steve Buscemi's assault
AP Photo/Matt Rourk
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Judge Judy Sheindlin weighed in on the recent assault of actor Steve Buscemi. Best known for her no-nonsense courtroom show "Judge Judy," Sheindlin spoke to Fox News and expressed her belief that the attack on the actor was a direct result of a societal shift towards so-called criminal justice reform.

The actor was attacked on a New York City street in a seemingly random act of violence — one of many sporadic attacks that have risen in frequency over the past few years.

"We got here because a small group of people who have very loud voices created a scenario where bad people got rewarded. And the victim got punished by the system," Sheindlin explained. She argues that while there are always reasons behind criminal behavior, such as a troubled upbringing or mental illness, these factors should never be used as excuses for wrongdoing.

Sheindlin also criticized recent legislative changes in New York, such as the "Raise the Age" law, which increased the minimum age for criminal responsibility to 18.

"If you have a mother who's 65 years old who's walking to the grocery store and some crazy for no reason hits her over the head with a steel pipe and kills her, and they're 17, that person should never be allowed to walk the street again, because society can't take a chance," she stated.

The former family court judge also took aim at district attorneys who prioritize social justice over public safety. "When you have elected district attorneys who don't know what their job is, they should go find another job," Sheindlin said. "Fill ice cream cones someplace. But don't ruin cities."

Despite her concerns about the current state of society, Sheindlin said she intends to remain committed to her work on her new show, "Judy Justice," which streams on Amazon.

However, she reflected on a 1993 interview with Morley Safer on "60 Minutes," in which she predicted that family court dysfunction would worsen over the next decade.

"And here we are, 30 years later, and are we in a worse shape as a country, as a world, than we were in 1993? You bet your bottom we are," Sheindlin concluded.

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