Trudeau's speechwriter uses (forbidden) Gmail for official business

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Is Justin Trudeau’s own office using Gmail to conduct government business?

It sure looks that way. And it explains a lot.

Last week I told you about how I can't find any government records whatsoever about a motion last summer in the House of Commons to declare a climate emergency.

Do I think the climate emergency motion was hastily prepared without much investigation? Definitely.

But should some emails exist with regard to the preparation of the wording of the motion along with prepared media talking points to promote it? Also definitely.

Records not existing is impossible. Perhaps those records exist but they aren't stored on government servers. Maybe they're on Gmail with the resumes of dozens of applicants to be a speech writer for Justin Trudeau.

Blacklock's Reporter broke the story this morning:

PMO speechwriter, Gabrielle Cesvet, in a January 10 tweet announced a job opening in the office. “The Prime Minister’s Office is looking to hire a new English or bilingual speechwriter!” wrote Cesvet. “Candidates should be good writers, hard workers and team players. If you’re interested, message me.”

In a follow-up tweet that same day, Cesvet wrote: “I’m having trouble answering everyone, so new plan! If you are interested, email me your CV, writing sample and cover letter to [email protected]

Cesvet later deleted the Gmail reference. The Prime Minister’s Office yesterday did not comment.

Using Gmail to conduct government business skirts privacy laws and records keeping laws. I can't file an access-to-information request to Google. I'd have to convince a judge to give me a court order to get those emails.

Trudeau, for the second time in four years, promised a transparent government.

He even wrote the directive into the mandate letters he gave to his new Ministers.

“It is more important than ever to unite around our shared purpose, as we build a stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient country. That is exactly what our team will do, finding common ground and delivering real, positive results for all Canadians. These mandate letters outline our commitment to keep government open, transparent, and accountable, and to continue moving forward for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.”

Transparency should start at the top.

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