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Keep 'em coming: Roxham Road crossing hurts legal immigrants, benefits Liberals | Alexa Lavoie

It can take three years for a legal immigrant to be accepted into Canada. Why do that when you can cross illegally at Roxham Road in three minutes — and have police carry your bags.

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Keep the Roxham Road border crossing closed? Are you nuts? So what if it's tarnishing legal immigrants, creating a security risk or potentially bringing in more variants and cases of COVID-19 that the government is so concerned about.

Quebec-based Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie has been covering the situation at Roxham Road, the popular crossing between Canada and the United States where illegal immigrants continue to enter Canada.

Joining David Menzies on last Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, Alexa spoke about how she thinks the Trudeau Liberals are fine with keeping the crossing open because they're hoping to attract future voters.

For all of our reports covering the crossing at Roxham Road, click here.

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