Kraken commits to anti-woke business practices

San Francisco-based crypto exchange, Kraken, announced that it intends to continue its aggressive hiring practices despite problems affecting its competitors, which have performed widespread layoffs amid the 'crypto winter' – and that they intend to continue in their anti-woke business practices.

Kraken commits to anti-woke business practices
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The world of cryptocurrency has been on a steady decline in recent months with the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies plummeting. Some, like Luna, have hit rock bottom, with investors scrambling to pull out.

In an announcement on its official blog, Kraken made a commitment to a “crypto-first culture” to state that employees who work for the company must place their commitment to cryptocurrency ahead of all political or woke considerations.

“We will never ask that our employees adopt any specific political ideology as a requirement for our workplace,” Kraken stated. “That said, we ask that our employees respect the individual rights, privacy, and freedoms of others. Crypto is a freedom movement, and Kraken will remain a freedom company.”

“If nobody is ever offended, we either don’t have enough diversity of thought or we don’t have enough transparency in communication,” the company added under a section titled “Differences of Opinion.”

“We recognize that hurt feelings are inevitable in a global organization that is optimizing for team outcomes above individual sentiment,” the company said. “The ideal Krakenite is thick-skinned and well intentioned.”

The company stated in no uncertain terms that anyone who’s unable to commit to Kraken’s culture can find a job elsewhere.

“Whether they feel they cannot align with our culture and values, or for other reasons, we want everyone to be happy in their work,” Kraken said. “The transition program will always be available, and will allow people to have the time and resources needed to pursue the next chapter of their career.”

The culture document referred to by the blog post contains the following points:

We will engage in lobbying, as a single-issue donor, supporting controversial politicians and legislation that furthers The Mission, possibly to the detriment of other civil rights causes

We will advertise with and sponsor controversial television programs, podcasts, influencers and events, if it furthers The Mission

We may incorporate firearm and self-defense training in to corporate retreats

Should we aim to be exemplary in terms of stereotypical team diversity measurements? No.

The document also notes:

Krakenites are welcome to request (and deny) personal language and communication preferences of each other 

Everyone is responsible for their own feelings 

Being offended doesn't necessarily make you right 

Being offended doesn't necessarily make you “harmed” 

Words nor silence are ever “violence” 

We do not call someone's words toxic, hateful, racist, x-phobic, unhelpful, etc.

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